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As long time visitors know, I just love Fantasy and Science Fiction, and the thought of combining those with Romance, well, that's just up my alley. Just think, you're a starship captain, transporting cargo across the galaxy, fighting an evil emperor, and you meet and fall in love with a bizarrely handsome rebel alien prince or a roguish outer space smuggler (Han Solo, anyone?) Who wouldn't love that? Or suppose you're a young woman from the Xssosyzc galaxy, and get flung through a wormhole, only to find you have to save a young Saxon citizen from George Washington's prison? Sounds cool huh? If so, I've got some great links for you--for readers and writers. Read on, and enjoy.

General links: Spec Romance online

Dear Author's Science Fiction Romance archive

Defining the genre: Scifi Romance
(and look for the post author Linnea Sinclair left a post here!)

Ten steps to making SF Romance a contender

Susan Kearney

Linnea Sinclair

Susan Grant

Stacey Klemstein

Patti O'Shea

C.J. Barry

For those who love more of a paranormal fantasy bent to the romance, than, say strict science fiction-y romance, there are some great authors in that niche as well....

Elissa Wilds

Terri Garey

Mari Mancusi

Jordan Summers

Kathy Lane

more to come...

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