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Raven Rose Cottage

Welcome to our cottage, a guilty pleasure, if you will. As you may know, from poking around our main index, we read a lot, and a lot of different things. While the main section of our site concerns history, classic English literature, modern literature, Medieval, Renaissance art and history, mythology, etc, this section will house... well, everything else we dabble in, and are obsessed with, most notably American Literature of the 1800s and early 1900s, as well as modern Romance literature, and of course, Jane Austen. (A strange combination, I know. Bear with me.)

This section will be an on and off endeavor. For now, it's a bit sparse; but we do hope you enjoy what we have for you.

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Recently read books

I had the pleasure of hosting guest post author Susan McBride at my blog last year.
If you'd like to read that post, it's still up, here. The contest, however is long ago closed.

America's Gilded Age Authors:

Henry James
Not technically a Romance author, his work epitomizes and pokes fun at a very Romantic age: the Gilded Age, even as he is considered the father of Gilded Age drawing room literature. He was mentor and muse to many of the authors that followed in his footsteps (most notably Edith Wharton), and he is considered the father of American literature. So this section would not be complete without a small tribute to his genius. As he is, and has been, for a longer time than we can point to (inside joke), a big influence on us, this is a section that will be added to as often as possible, obsessively, lovingly, I am sure. ;) Enjoy!

Edith Wharton
Well, we know she's not technically a Romance Writer, we consider her work (like that of the aforementioned Henry James) very romantic.

Modern Romantics

Catherine Mann's
His Expectant EX

Rosalie Lario's For Love of An Angel

Vampire Romances:
Maggie Shayne's
Edge Of Twilight

Maggie Shayne Links

Sherrilyn Kenyon's
Fantasy Lover

A review of
Night Pleasures
By Sherrilyn Kenyon

If you haven't seen it, we've reviewed C.L. Wilson's Lady of Light and Shadow over at our , as well as our review of her first novel Lord of The Fading Lands

Likewise you'll also find Susan Kearney's latest novel, an Arthurian-esque scifi/paranormal romance entitled Lucan,

I've reviewed Sherrilyn Kenyon's Night Embrace

A review of Terri Garey's Dead Girls Are Easy

A mini-review of
By Yasmine Galenorn

A review of
Night Pleasures
By Sherrilyn Kenyon

A review of
Fantasy Lover
by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Sherrilyn Kenyon Links

Susan Krinard
Susan Krinard overview

Susan Krinard Links

Susan Krinard: Book Reviews:
Touch of the Wolf

Once a Wolf (mini-review; also housed at our site: Immortal Grace)

Secret of the Wolf

Romantic Suspense:
If you've haven't seen it yet, we've got a review of Susan Crandall's Sleep No More

Other Romance authors/styles:
Nora Roberts
fixed link: June 19, 2014 Nora Roberts (very short) overview

Nora Roberts Links
Great sites and articles concerning, and by, Nora Roberts.

Nora Roberts: book reviews:
new!Blood Brothers
a review of the The Hollow


Review of
Heaven and Earth

Book Two of Three Sisters Island Trilogy.
Possible spoilers included.

Review of
Dance Upon the Air

Book One of Three Sisters Island Trilogy.

Review of The Villa

More Miscellaneous authors
and titles: Historicals

A review of Joanne Rock's Medieval Harlequin Historical Undone
Summoned for Seduction

A review of Joanne Rock's Medieval "Harlequin Historical" romance: In the Laird's Bed

Sandra Hill's hysterical Viking Romance:

Stephanie Laurens:
A review of Devil's Bride
Stephanie Laurens links

A review of Blythe Gifford's The Harlot's Daughter
(Harlequin, November 2007)

Susan Spencer Paul's The Prisoner Bride

Carol Finch's McCavett's Bride
The June 2007 Harlequin Historical:

Deborah Simmons' The Last Rogue
possible spoilers

Other Recent Reads

And a little History:
The Regency Era

Links and other goodies concerning this romantic, and most popular, era. History, literature, art, and, of course, Regency Romances
still new, and will be, as everything else, added to as we can find goodies for it.

Jane Austen Links and stuff

A review of
Sense and Sensibility
by Jane Austen

Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen

Other things:
This is a new page of quiz results and collections of adopted stuff.

General Romance & Writing Links

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