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The early/Medieval Irish seemed to be intrigued with stories of Fabulous voyages, such as that of Bran Mac Febal, for there are a whole host of such tales threading their way through Irish folklore; whether of the pagan flavor or Christian, it seems, the Celts certainly had a very vivid--and in some cases, very wild--view of what the Otherworld might be like. On the whole, they tended to see it as an extention of this world; but on the other hand, they envisioned it to be a magical place populated with the faefolk, gods, strange animals and other such superhuman beings. For your enjoyment, I've scrounged up a few of these interesting tales. Enjoy!

The Voyage of Mael Duin
Saints and Wonders: Book Four.
The Voyage of Maeldune

Theory on the Dating and Location of Immram Curaig Máele Dúin

St. Brendan: Did he, or didn't he,
discover America? :)
Saints and Wonders: Book Six.
The Voyage of Brendan

Irish monks and
the Voyage of St. Brendan:
Newfoundland and Labrador Heritage

Fortean Times - The Voyage of St Brendan

The Voyage of
the Curragh of the Uí Chorra

The Voyage of Snédgus and Mac Riagla

More to come.

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