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Scandinavian and Norse god of the People; of ligthning, and fire; of battle, storms, the skies, and overcoming obstacles (Davidson, 74). His guidance was usually sought, by his people, in overcoming their difficulties... scarifices of bread and meat were left at His altars, throughout Norway. (Davidson, 75) The noise of his chariot (supposedly) caused thunder (Davidson, 76).... owner of the Hammer Mjollnir, usually also associated with the sound of thunder, and with which he ovecame many opponents in battle, and of course was the chief weapon the Aesir employed in defending Asgard (Davidson, 80); yes, Thor was their main defender, guarding the Aesir, and defending them against their enemies, chief among them, the Frost Giants, and the Midgard Serpent(Davidson, 89); His hammer was also used to bless brides and newborns and often used as a symbol at funerals to protect the dead (ibid).

Thor was also known as the keeper or overseer of oaths (Davidson, 77)... hence, the General Assembly of Iceland would open on Thor's day. (ibid)

Davidson, H.R. Ellis, Gods and Myths of the Viking Age, Penguin Books, 1964

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