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Lugh Lamfada, Samildinach,
Llew Leu Gyffes etc.

And, among other things, His parallels to Odin and other Gods

(Being a list of research articles, for the inquisitive) As everything, this little shrine is always under construction. :)

His stories:
Celtic Wonder Tales: The Coming of Lugh

The Secong Battle of Mag Tured
(the battle on which the one in my book, Passion's Sacred Dance, is based)

The Hidden house of Lugh by Lady Gregory

The Shadow-House of Lugh Anon. 8th Century
Translated by Ethna Carbery

The Mabinogion:
Math the Son of Mathonwy:

Llew makes his entrance about half way through this text

A retelling of Math, Son of Mathonwy

Analysis of His stories:
Lugus: The Many-Gifted Lord

The Birth of Lugh - Odin and Loki among the Celts

The Tuatha de Danaan:
His kin

Wild Thistles - Tuatha de Dannan

More to come...

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