This day is the one counted out in old Celtic Folklore, in honor of the Sun God Lugh. Traditionally, the day is seen as the beginning of the first harvest, before the full harvest comes in September; the beginning of the end of Summer, so to speak, a day to start to take stock of the year's sowing. It is the traditional day when games and festivals are held, in honor of Lugh, who it is said, founded the tradition in honor of his foster-mother Talitu.

According to legend, He is the foremost god of the Tuatha dé Danann, the sun-bright lord of Light, the many-skilled god, He who, when asked, would rightfully claim the title of Jack of All Trades among them, as there was not one god or Bard or Druid among the Tuatha de Dannan who could do every single thing that He could. He is the one who led the Tuatha against their foes, the Formorians and defeated them soundly, thereby claiming Ireland for their own. He is, the son of Mannan Mac Lir (?) and father of the great Irish hero Cuchulainn (??); confidante of travelers, artists, teachers, very much like, according to the Romans, Mercury.

In Welsh Legend, He is the son of the goddess Arianrhod, and He was, with the help of His mentor Gwydion, able finally to skirt all her ridiculous mandates in order to gain His rightful inheritance.

He is the Teacher of Teachers; Bard of Bards; Poet of Poets; Healer of Healers; Warrior of Warriors, Father of all these combined. May all His Blessings shine upon you, this day. :)

(He's also one of the main gods in my first Paranormal romance novel, Passion's Sacred Dance! :))

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