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In honor of our Lady Freyja

On-site: The Lay of Hyndla
This is a poem reproduced in Snorri Sturulson's Poetic Edda regarding Freyja and how, for the sake of her loyal follower, Ottar, she undertook a meeting with the Giantess Hyndla in the hopes of learning more of Ottar's lineage and his ultimate fate. I really enjoy this tale, and find some interesting mythological gems here. I present it, in its entirity, for your perusal.

Miscellaneous Freyja stuff

Off-site essays and other literature concerning Freyja:
Freyja: Lady of Love and Life (by Diana Paxson)

Explanations and correspondences for Freyja

Prayers to Freyja
These were written by the owner of this particular page, not by me. But I found them charming so I thought I would add them here.

Freyja and Beltane
A short article on the Celtic/Wiccan festival of Beltane, with a short treatment of Freyja's connections to the May holiday.

More to come...

Freyja painted by Arthur Rackham, 1939. For more information, see The Arthur Rackham Society

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