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This is just a smattering of miscellaneous news items and sites related to the Celtic peoples, Celtic literature, mythology, art, music, and so forth. Almost, if you will, a catch-all for things I couldn't figure out where to place. :) Enjoy.

Enchanted Beasts and Faerie Women

Irish Wire Harps
An interesting article on the evolution and use of Irish harps

Topics in Traditional Irish Music
(Both of the above sets of articles are written by... um... the folks at the Standing Stones website, I presume.)

Epona.net: A scholarly Resource

Fantasy Ireland
Seems to be a vacation/resource site. Kinda neat, so thought I'd include it here.

Mysterious Britian
A site on all the mysterious and mythical sites and lore associtated with the British Isles

news items
Circa August 2010:
Archaeologists discover Britain's Oldest Home

circa December 21, 2007:
Ireland to beam ancient solstice 'clock' to global audience

Stonehenge Workers' village found

Early sketch of Stonehenge found | The Guardian | Guardian Unlimited

Caratacus' City Found? (2006)

New view of Mr Boudica: Prasutagus found?
13 February 2006

More to come as we find things to add....

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