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Art and other knicknacks


Well, art of Him is a bit hard to come by. I'm looking but not finding much. I have, however, been lucky now and again. Below, how others see Bran the Blessed.

I've also now added a few more things that feel very Bran-like, to me, yet still lean to the artistic. Within this (these?) pages, then, will be a plethora of art and other fun stuff, too. Enjoy!

I wish I knew the artist's name, but alas, I have no information on him or her. This piece was found at Aes SĂ­dhe Sidh and thanks to them for finding it.

...And then, there is this:

This is the cover of The Children of Llyr, Evangeline Walton's 1971/1974 retelling of the Second Branch of the Mabinogion (no idea who the artist is) . :) And yes, He is... ahem... lacking clothing, but if you remember, in the tale, that's just how He takes his little walk to negotiatie--so to speak--with the infuriating Mark.

There's one other painting I've seen, of the Head of Bran, but I can't find it right now. When I do, it too shall be added.

Other knicknacks.

You are a Druid!

Take the "How Do You Use Magic?" test! Written by Brimo

Yes! hehe. I've earned my stripes. :)

And need you ask the identity, of (one of) our patron goddess? :)
The Morrigu (or Morrigan) was a Celtic War Goddess
who delighted in setting men at war. She fought
in battles herself, and at times hovered like a
crow over the warring men. She was represented
as fully armed, carrying two spears in her
hand, and wherever there was war, she was
there. Her battle cry is said to be louder than
that of a thousand men. You are spiteful,
cruel, and dark. But those who befiend you are
on your good side for life.

What Celtic Goddess are You? (With pictures)
brought to you by Quizilla

And, yes, it was decided this would branch to adoptions, as well.

Some say the Welsh Bran the Blessed was on close terms with Ravens, so, a raven.

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