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Various versions of this story have been written, translated, printed and taken out of print over the last 100 or so years. Basically, they all seem to recount the same thing: Bran, the son of a Druid, of the Tuatha de Danaan (??), is enticed to take a very Odysseus-like journey to find an island of unending happiness and serenity, and he takes the challenge and the voyage, much to his later chagrin and sadness. I have, of late, fallen totally in love with this story, but have my own interpretations of its underlying meaning; however, for the moment, I'll be mysterious and leave it to you to decide on your own. There are quite a few of these Celtic Journey stories out there, I hope to link most of them up here, but of course, the main focus is on Bran's journey and his later(earlier?) tales. As I find them--if I find them(!)--they will be added along with these. Enjoy!

The Voyage of Bran

Th Voyage of Bran: At Sacred Fire.

Immram Bran -- The Voyage of Bran
This one has some great notes included.

The Voyage of Bran to the Land of the Immortals
from Orpheus: Myths of the World: Irish:
This one has a different ending. It says where Bran might have gone after returning to Ireland. :)

The Voyage of Bran
Another copy of the myth

Yet another copy of VoB.

Bran's voyage, in other arts.
Máire Breatnach Online
Several years ago, Máire Breatnach created an awesome CD based on the story of the Voyage of Bran. Oh, yes. I do have it. :)

A play by James Murphy based on the Voyage of Bran.

Manannan Mac Lir's Call to Bran(from Manannan.net

More to come.

More Celtic Journeys

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