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Welcome. Herein we have housed all our Celtic and other tribal collections. Do feel free to poke through each. We do hope you enjoy our collection. More will be added, as time permits.

celtic at heart

Brighid Shrine
A shrine to the Irish/Celtic Goddess Brighid

The Raven and His Lore:
The Voyage of Bran
This is the poem that started it all. :) I hope you come to love it, as much as I have.
See also, the Voyage Tales of the Irish...
The Romance of Branwen
This is the Welsh version of the tale of Bran the Blessed, first set down in the Welsh classic, The Mabinogion. This would be my recounting of it.
On site.
Lord Bran (Breton)
Another interesting poem we found. This is the full text, this time. Enjoy.
another look at
Bran as
Raven Lord
Voyage of Bran
This is an Internet Archive site with various file versions of the text, one resembling the manuscript itself that the visitor can actually flip through.
Very cool. :)
Britannia Celtic Gods: Bran Fendigaid, God of Regeneration
This interesting article suggests that, after his return from the Land of Women, Bran Mac Feobal traveled back in time to take on the role of Bran the Blessed

Other Celtic Lore
The Voyage Tales of the Irish Off-site
The Destruction Of
Da Derga's Hostel
The Hawk of Achill
Another interesting, and somewhat sad, piece we've run across. This one
about Fintan (the first man on Ireland, and helper of the Fir Bolg
The Dream
of Oengus
The Wooing
Of Etain
Other Arthurian Legends:
The Elaines
Being the Grail Maiden,
and The Lady Of
The Elaines:

Tristan and IsoltCeltic Miscellania
Various items pertaining to other figures and concerns related to the Celtic World
Celts in EgyptThoughts on beginning the Tain
On-site article by your humble editor.
Celtic reading list & links Articles
a smattering of interesting articles
concerning the Celts
Art and knicknacks
Bran and Celt related.
Knicknacks pg. 2
Arthurian and other things that fit.
for Bran Mac Febal/Bran the Blessed

For those with a need for such.
Lugh, the Many-Skilled,
and Lughnasadh
Links and such concerning the god and his myths.

Castle Sessrumnir:
Other Tribal tales and heroes:
Norse and Anglo-Saxons
Shrine to Freyja
Our small shrine to this Northern Goddess
a short examination
various Nordic Sagas
A Review of
The Poetic Eddas
:) Other European Barbarians:
The Anglo-Saxons

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