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What you see before you is a few interesting and--yes--off-site articles (written by others more knowledgeable than ourselves) that we have found of interest in our study of the Celts. We do hope you enjoy them, and do please feel free to return to our little Domain, when you are finished, or anytime you wish. :) We lost all our links, in the recent server crash, but have recovered a few good references. More will be added as we run across them.

New: What Defines The Term 'Celtic' by Alexei Kondratiev

Iron Age Celts (an interactive, flash dependent education site by the BBC)

Medieval Celtic Fringe
OK... so the ORB is a tried and true research source, but here, it is new, in that I only just found it among the piles of good informational links I've had lying around for ages. :) Enjoy.

It's Official: Stonehenge Stones Were Moved 160 Miles

RTÉ News: Irish to become official EU language
This is more of a news item, and about two years old, but I just found it, and thought it interesting.

Imbas Forosnai
on Erynn Laurie's site
new link: Mass war grave found outside Maiden Castle

Britannia Roman Sites:
The Romans in Britain

Regia Anglorum -
"Celts" in 10th and 11th century Britain

Celtic Women: Myth and Symbol

The Celts in Burgundy and France

Celtic Roman Provences:

The Celtic Triads


new link The Celtic Thing

Is it "keltic" or "seltic"?

What were druids, fili, and bards?

Celts, Karma and Reincarnation

Celtic Religion - what information do we really have

Archaeology versus Tacitus

Vercingetorix: A Reconstructed Portrait

More here



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