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The Anglo-Saxons

The Anglo-Saxons, while seemingly a separate cultural group, from the Norse, have several things in common with their northern brothers. Herein you will find some interesting research links and texts explaining this intriguing people, and you will see, the Saxons, particularly, are not the marauding barbarians many an Arthurian Novel/movie makes them out to be! Enjoy, and remember, as always, this section will grow, as we find more of interest, to share.

new! BBC: Anglo-Saxon History in Depth
An Appeal to Rome: Anglo-Saxon Dispute Settlement, 800-810
by Deanna Forsman

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle (DL SunSITE)

Medieval Sourcebook: Tacitus: Germania

Medieval Sourcebook: The Annales

Cambriae (Annals of Wales)

Anglo-Saxon Studies - A Select Bibliography

Anglo-Saxon and Viking Yorkshire
Interesting site detailing a Yorkshire Archaeological dig.

Literature and arts of the Anglo-Saxons
The Dream of the Rood (in translation)

The Anglo-Saxons (primarly an examination of Beowulf)

Old English Aloud
(some poems in text and read aloud in old English)

Regia Anglorum - Music and Verse in Anglo-Saxon and Viking Times

Other cultural issues
The Avalon Project : Anglo-Saxon Law -
Extracts From Early Laws of the English.

Modern Reconstruction:
The Anglo-Saxon Year

Anglo-Saxon and Viking Works of the Needle: Some Artistic Currents in Cross-Cultural Exchange

Anglo-Saxon Heathenism

That's all for now; enjoy and remember, there's always more to come, as we find it...

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