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The Princess Diaries is a quirky, off-beat take on the princess dream that every little girl has. Fourteen-year old Mia is just shy of a train wreck, her (very single) mother is dating her math teacher, and yet Mia's still failing alegbra, and to make matters worse, she's told she is the only heir to the throne of Genovia, and must take princess lessons from her overbearing grandmother, and (oh the shame this will bring when the other kids find out!) be shadowed by a tough as nails (and yet loveable) bodyguard; her friends, Lilly, Michael, Tina Hakim Baba, and Boris are just the most wonderful set of misfits you could ever hope to meet. It is easy to see why everyone who meets Mia loves her. I certainly do! :) There are currently twelve books in the series, (if you count all the "halfs") with the final installment forthcoming:
Princess Diaries
Princess in the Spotlight
Princess in Love
Princess in Waiting
Vol IV and a Half: Project Princess
Princess in Pink
Princess in Training
Vol VI and a Half: The Princess Present
Party Princess
Vol VII and a Half: Sweet Sixteen Princess
Vol VII and 3/4ths: Valentine Princess
Princess on the Brink
Princess Mia (forthcoming soon)

and also:
Princess Lessons: A Princess Diaries Book
Holiday Princess: A Princess Diaries Book
Perfect Princess : A Princess Diaries Book

Writing under various pseudonyms (Jenny Carroll, Patricia Cabot, and Meggin Cabot), Meg Cabot also has a few (dozen??) other titles to her name, from PD-like titles such as American Girl, Ready or Not, and the Avalon High series (recently turned into a Manga!), some borderline YA mystery/horrors: 1-800 Where R U, and Mediators, and so on, as well as inimitable Meg-ish novels for adults such as The Queen of Babble series, and Size 12 is Not Fat., Size 14 is Not Fat, Either, The Boy Next Door series, and even a few Romance novels. Two of her serieses have even spawned movies. Below are some great sites about these books, and their equally charming author. Pop around to each, and enjoy.

Official Meg Cabot site

Articles about Meg Cabot and the Princess Diaries series

New! "Princess Diaries" Author Meg Cabot Hints at a Third Film Writer's Corner: Meg Cabot

Meg Cabot in Margaritaville - 7/17/2006 - Publishers Weekly

Teen Reads--Author Profile: Meg Cabot

My First Sale:Meg Cabot

Fan sites
Another Meg Cabot fansite

That's all for now; do check her out. I'm sure you won't be disappointed! :

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