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Another Thanksgiving is upon us... and the year is almost over (thank God, I say!). It's been quite a year, 2009: a thankfully quiet hurricane season, and all sorts of stuff going on here, of a personal nature for which we are glad to see this year close. :( My thanks, as ever, goes out to my family, and my friends, for putting up with me ;), and of course, to all the doctors, and assorted personnel, who have helped our family this year. We hope you have all had a great many things for which to be thankful, this year. If not, well, heck, there's always turkey, pumpkin pie, (hopefully) fine weather... dare we even say football? **eeewww** So without further ado, enjoy our small Thankgiving collection (some old stuff, some new stuff), and have a great Holiday!

Our Collection--'09
gifts 2008
From our friends and one for you, our friends and visitors

Thanksgiving Adopted Babies

on the dinner menu
A few items for your Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving related jokes

Gifts 2007
From our friends from years past

Happy Thanksgiving, and to you all!


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